Online Personal Training

"Have the freedom to workout with your own personal trainer whenever and wherever you want, at a fraction of the cost..."

Here's what you can expect when you train with me online - 

  • Complementary Assessment – As with my in-home personal training service, getting to know more about you and what you want to accomplish is important. And because of this, we’ll spend some time talking by phone, or Skype, to discuss any physical, medical, and mobility issues that may affect your ability to exercise. This information allows me to create a training program that’s custom designed for your abilities, capabilities, and movement patterns.
  • Training On The Go – This is the cool part. Once I get things set-up, you’ll have your own account on my Trainerize online-training platform. You’ll be able to access it on your phone, tablet, or laptop computer anytime any anywhere you have cell service. So, if you're traveling on business or vacation, you'll be able to do your daily workouts and stay in-shape.
  • Programs Tailored Just For You  - Your training calendar will be loaded with workouts from a training plan that I design specifically for you. It’s based on what you want to accomplish, along with your abilities, and movement restrictions. Every morning, you’ll get a “gentle reminder” email from me telling you what you need to do for the day. This program does make you accountable, which is one of the reasons why it works.
  • How This Is Different - There are a ton of online training programs that you can choose from, and more entering the market everyday. Most, if not all, are far less expensive than my online training. So why would you choose me?

I’m not a robot - At least last time I checked I was not. I’m a human, which means you can talk to me if you have questions, or problems, or just need someone to motivate you. When was the last time you felt love from a robot?

Every training program is unique – No two training plans I have for my online clients are the same. My programs reflect the things we discussed when you signed-up. That means 100% custom exercise programming. I guess I could make it easier for myself by creating templated workouts, but that’s not what a personal trainer does. Note the word “personal” in personal trainer. When you sign-up for an online training program for $10 a month, you get cookie cutter training plans and zero coaching or support. If you need help with an exercise, or can't get through a workout, or just need a HUG, there’s no one there for you.

You call the shots – You control how the workouts are designed, and what they are tasked to do. If you want to train for a triathlon, I will create workouts that will make you a swim/bike/run better, faster, and free of injury. If you want to drop 10% body fat, then, I’ll program a training plan that will have your clothes falling off of you in no time.

I’m with you 24/7 – No matter where you are, or what you’re doing, I’m in your phone ready to train you with a workout that was created for you.

How To Sign-Up

"Sign-up is super-quick and easy..."

The monthly subscription fee is $179.

Just click on the PayPal Button below and sign-up using you PayPal account, or with any major credit card. Your card will automatically be charged every month. You can of course cancel the service at any time with no penalties or restrictions.

Online Training Subscription

Here's what happens after you sign-up:

  • You'll will receive a "Welcome" email that contains all of the details that you need to set-up your training account, including a link to set your password and download the mobile app.
  • You will also recieve a "Consultation Form" that will ask you about your workout goals, history, and preferences. Please allow several hours for these emails to arrive. 
  • Once you complete your consultation form and send it back to me, I will reach out to you by email to schedule our phone/Skype consultation.
  • After the consulation call is completed, I will create your training plan and populate your training calendar with workouts.
  • My preference is that we chat once a month to review your progress, and see what adjustments need to be made to your trainining program. 
  • You have unlimited access to me by email.

If you have any questions, you can reach me directly at, or by calling/texting me at 203-249-8381.

What clients are saying about online training:

"Hey Mike. Just wanted to drop you a note to say that your training program is awesome. I have done several different online plans before but they were all just "cookie cutter" workout plans that really didn't address the things I wanted to do. Yours is the only one I found that is helping me do my thing. Thanks." - Lynn V., Miami

"Mike. Thanks for helping me with your postnatal fitness plan. It helped to get me back in to the gym and motivated to get rid of the baby weight. So far, so good. I look forward to your workouts every day now." Jacqui C., Connecticut