Nutrition Coaching

"You get strong in the gym, but you lose weight in the kitchen..."

With very few exceptions, the number one goal of people seeking guidance about their nutrition has to do with weight loss. And this is where the fitness industry leads you astray.

Gyms are in the business of selling personal training. So it’s only natural that they sell you training sessions with the promise that you’ll lose weight.

But weight loss doesn’t work that way.

Real, sustainable weight loss starts in your kitchen, not the gym. People don’t like it when I tell them this because they don’t like the idea of change. But "change" is exactly what it’s going to take for you to reach your lose weight goals.

Now, when you’re eating healthy, then working out with a trainer can accelerate your weight loss, and make your body look amazing.

Here’s what you can expect when you hire me as your nutrition coach:

  • Complementary Assessment – As with both my personal training and online training services, getting to know you and what you want to accomplish with your nutrition is important. So, we will spend some time chatting by phone, or Skype, about what you want our nutrition to do for you.
  • The First Step – This is perhaps the most important step - More than in any other part of our daily lives, we are “hard-wired” to eat a certain way.  That’s for sure. So our first step is to have you log what you eat in a food journal for 7 days.
  • Discover Your Habits – The food log will show me the habits that are sabotaging your weight loss. It'll identify the behavior that's making it impossible for you to see real change. And it'll show us what needs to be fixed, and how to go about doing it.  But don’t worry; I’ve pretty much seen it all, and there’s nothing that can’t be fixed.
  • Install New Habits - Once we've identified the behavior patterns that are working against you, then I can help you replace them with habits that support you goals. That's when real, sustainable weight loss and healthy living happens.
  • Say Hello To The "New" You – It get’s a little easier everyday. Truat me on this. Once you start to adopt good habits, those habits are easier to maintain as time goes on. That’s my goal. To make good nutrition and healthy living your new lifestyle habit. 

Nutrition Assessment

"You can lose all the weight you want without ever feeling hungry or deprived..."

One-time fee: $250

Nutrition sssessment includes:

250 per session

  • Review and analysis of 7-day food log
  • Indiviualized nutrition plan design
  • Meal plan recommendation
  • Unlimited email and telephone support
  • Money back satisfaction guarantee


"Be a role model of good health. Have your family, friends, and co-workers look up to you and get the inspiration they need to begin their own journey. Let your commitment to change inspire others to change as well. You can be a powerful force in the universe when you lead by example..."